Can I apply for an unemployment extension?

Question by : Can I apply for an unemployment extension?
I am currently receiving unemployment checks every two weeks; the problem is I am running out of money [benefits]. My claim expires in April 2011, but my money will run out some time this November. Can I apply for an extension? Or is it just for those who still have benefits but their claims expired?


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Answer by CarolO
You are apparently still claiming benefits under the first year of state funded benefits. Unless you work part-time, your benefits will run out after the standard 26 weeks. Now comes the tricky part. If you do not do any part-time work which makes your benefits last longer (but at a lower pay-out rate), and your 26 weeks run out no later than November 27, 2010, you will automatically be eligible for Tier I benefits which will last an additional 20 weeks at exactly the same pay-out rate. If your current 26 week benefits will not run out until after November 27, then you are out of luck. That will likely be the last of the money for which you will be eligible.

In order to save yourself worry and grief, call your UI dept and find out exactly when your 26 week benefits will end and how you can apply for an extension. Some states (like CA) do all the work for you, others make you apply online and some require snail mail applications.

And best of luck to you. I’ve been on UI benefits since January 2009, but then I got laid off at age 64 so never had a chance to get another full-time job. No one hires employees at that age because our benefit packages are too expensive. In this economy, it takes a while to get re-employed, but keep trying.

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