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Today in SouthCoast

Today in SouthCoast
When two kids find and play a magical board game, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game. … Drainage installation on Brownell Avenue and Route 6 temporary lane closures.
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Expansion or exodus, it's the Hunter choice
RIO Tinto's expansion plans for its controversial coalmine in NSW's Hunter Valley region would pour $ 1.5 billion into the state's economy if it went ahead but it would have a dramatic impact on Singleton if the proposal was rejected. The mining giant …
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The battle to build a great culture at ANZ
After he was overlooked for the top job there in favour of Gail Kelly, he was poached by ANZ chief executive Mike Smith. The quiet man … While some commentators predict more branch closures, thanks to digital technology,Chronican demurs. “It's pretty …
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Jobless benefits bill carries several obstacles

Jobless benefits bill carries several obstacles

24-Hour News 8 has been investigating what else is in the unemployment benefits bill. There’s plenty there beyond extending unemployment benefits. You only n…

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Building a Common Future in Southern Africa

Building a Common Future in Southern Africa

Building a Common Future in Southern Africa

The Southern African Customs Union (SACU) is the oldest customs union in the world, with significant opportunities ahead for creating higher economic growth and increased welfare benefits to the people of the region, by fulfilling its vision to become an economic community with a common market and monetary union. This volume describes policy options to address the barriers to equitable and sustainable development in the region and outlines a plan for deeper regional integration.


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Does It Matter If You Get Laid Off From A Job?

Question by anonymous: Does It Matter If You Get Laid Off From A Job?
I Used To Be A Cashier At JC Penney. But, I Got Laid Off. I’m Not Sure Why, Though. But, I’ve Put JC Penney As A Refrence On Job Applications. But, I Never Get Called.

Besides The Economic Crisis, Are They Not Calling Me For An Interview, Because I’ve Been Laid Off? Does It Matter? Does That Refrence Still Help Me? Or What It Be Better Not To Put It As A Refrence.

By The Way I Worked About A Month Or Less.

Best answer:

Answer by PiggiePants
Being laid off means you lost your job through no fault of your own, due to workforce reduction, company reorganization or closure, etc. It does not reflect badly on your resume as would a termination or firing. The job market is very tight right now, so it could take a while to land a new job. Just keep applying. As long as you were not fired for cause, and are sure you will get a good reference from Penneys, you should keep the job on your applications since it shows you have some experience working.

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How to make an individual employment contract?

Question by bhe: How to make an individual employment contract?

Best answer:

Answer by darealqueen
Contract of Employment – Contents
The following provides a brief outline of what is included within a CompactLaw Contract of Employment.

Names of the Parties
The employer’s organisation details and the employee’s full name and address.

Employment Contract Start Date
This is important as it also includes a brief statement to say that employment with a previous employer does not count towards the various rights that are gained by employees after one and two years of service. In other words the employee starts again from zero with the new employer. (Exceptions to this are where an employer has taken over an organisation with existing employees – their employment rights are maintained.)

Employee’s Job Title and Description
This usually follows the job title and description specified in any recruitment advertisement and subsequent offer letter. To suit the employer it also allows for flexibility in the employee’s role.

Place of Work
The employment contract allows the employer to specify the location where the employee will work. However, it also allows for the employer to specify any other location in the future. This gives the employer much greater flexibility.

Hours of Work
The employee’s hours are specified within the employment contract, however the employee also agrees to work additional hours if the employer reasonably requests it. However, the hours cannot exceed the 48-hour per week as specified by the Working Time Regulations, (unless the employee has signed a voluntary opt-out from the Regulations).

Probationary Period
The employer can specify a trial period for the employee with the option of a short notice period at the end of the trial, if the employee does not fulfil expectations. The employer can also extend the trial period.

This details the employee’s gross salary before tax, national insurance and any deductions. It also specifies when payment is made.

The employer can state when the employee will receive their first work assessment and the timing of all subsequent regular assessments, for example every 12 months.

This clause details all the circumstances in which the employer can make deductions from the employee’s salary.

The employer can agree with the employee, which work-related expenses the employer will cover and when the employee will be reimbursed. However to prevent errors and possible fraud the clause makes it clear that proof of payment is required.

This clause specifies when the holiday year will run from. This is important as the employer may wish to prevent employees taking busy work periods off, for example Christmas time for hospitality, retail or entertainment industries. This clause also allows the employer to specify the number of days per year that an employee can take, (subject to a statutory minimum of 20 days) and whether bank and public holidays are included or excluded from this. The clause also includes further details regarding rolling-over holidays into the next year, restrictions on holidays where the employee has already given notice and on termination the pro rata payment in lieu of any unused holiday entitlement.

Sickness & Disability
Absence through sickness is a major cost burden on employers. This clause states by what time the employee must inform the employer that they will be unable to attend work, (it does allow for a third party to contact the employer on the employee’s behalf). The clause also states when a doctor’s certificate is required and whether the employee will receive statutory or contractual sick pay.

This clause within the employment contract allows the employer to state whether the employee will be included within the employer’s company pension scheme, a stakeholder pension scheme or whether the employment comes without a pension provision.

The notice period to be given by either the employer or the employee. However, this clause also provides a detailed list of actions that constitute gross misconduct allowing the employer to dismiss without giving notice.

Restrictive Covenants
This is only included within the CompactLaw Long Employment Contracts. It protects all confidential and commercial information belonging to the employer. Prevents an employee from setting up a competing business whilst still employed. Also prevents an employee from competing for a set period of time and within a defined geographical area once they have left the employer. Other restrictions include attempts to encourage other employees to leave and work in a competing business. Finally, the clause states that any breaches will entitle the employer to seek legal redress, including damages for any loss.

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure
This refers to the detailed separate Grievance and Disciplinary Policy that comes free with each CompactLaw Employment Contract.

States the employee’s contractual retirement age and also refers to a Retirement Policy; which every organisation should have in place. This clause and the retirement policy ensure compliance with the The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 – age discrimination legislation.

This standard paragraph states that each paragraph, sub-paragraph or clause is independent of each other, so if one is invalid or does not apply to the employee the rest of the contract remains valid.

Prior Agreements
Another standard paragraph, stating that the employment contract contains all the terms agreed between the employer and the employee and that no previous agreement (written or verbal) counts.

Confirms the contract of employment comes under the jurisdiction of the English courts; however, it can also be changed to specify the Scotland, (if required).

Particulars of Employment
Under Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 all employee contracts must set out the main terms of the contract in a separate schedule. This is so that the employee (and the employer) can easily refer to this schedule when they wish to remind themselves of the main terms.

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how to get elance project?

Question by : how to get elance project?
I am a web developer with decent design skills. I am trying to establish myself as a freelance website developer via bidding sites, but thus far I have been disappointed greatly :( .. any clue how to get web design jobs on elance or odesk?

Best answer:

Answer by ?
I have been operating in Elance since 2007; and so far I’ve got considerable success in Web Design and Development projects. Start with creating a Credible Elance Profile.

As a new provider you do not have anything to show in the ‘Snapshot’ or ‘Job History’ sections in your profile [which are very crucial as you get going in Elance]. Nevertheless, you’ve got to create credibility from whatever options you are given here. I recommend you focus on these sections:

i. Skills:
You can specify your skill sets in the Elance profile choosing from the wide variety of skill-lists. You can self-rate the skills or can opt-in to take tests. To build credibility, it’s essential that you take the tests. Who cares how much you rate yourself anyway?

A good thing about the tests is that they can be taken for free. So, if you are a WordPress expert, do take WordPress tests and get verified scores. The ‘verified’ mark looks really cool in the profile! Most importantly, a decent verified score in the test reduces doubt from prospective buyer’s mind about your claimed level of expertise.

ii. Portfolio:
Employers do not always look into your portfolio section, rather they mostly look into whatever you mentioned in your proposal; nevertheless you can’t take any chance with it. Take time to upload screenshots of your best works in Elance Portfolio section. However, screenshots are not always adequate to convince the buyer; so you need to add URL of your live samples and specify the detail [i.e. what the highlighted site is all about, what is special about it].

iii. Write-ups:
There are two major write-up sections in Elance: ‘Overview’ and ‘Service Description’. I just suggest you put something interesting to read there instead of general sentences such as “XYZ Ltd is a leading firm in USA with 30 employees that has been creating state-of-the-art websites… bla bla…“. For God’s sake, do not bore people! In my understanding, these write-ups are the mostly ignored by buyers. Yet you need to put something decent and worth reading there.

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Jobless Claims Rise, but Labor Market Is Seen Strengthening – Wall Street Journal

Jobless Claims Rise, but Labor Market Is Seen Strengthening
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose last week, though distortions caused by the Easter holidays makes the underlying trend hard to read. Initial claims for jobless benefits, a measure of layoffs, rose …
Weekly Jobless Claims Rise to 344000Fox Business
Jobless Claims in US Unexpectedly Climb to Nine-Week HighBloomberg
Weekly jobless claims surprisingly jump to two-month high of 344000Los Angeles Times
MSNBC -MarketWatch -International Business Times
all 164 news articles »

US jobless claims jump as spending, income pick up speed
Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 14,000 to a seasonally adjusted 344,000 for the week ended April 26, the Labor Department said on Thursday. That was the highest level since February. Claims for the week ended April 19 were …

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U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fall; PPI Rises

March 14 (Bloomberg) — The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits unexpectedly dropped by 10000 to 332000 in the week ended Mar…

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which of the following are true about Quantitative Easing?

Question by : which of the following are true about Quantitative Easing?
I.Quantitative Easing refers to relatively small purchases of short-term securities.
II.Quantitative Easing refers to relative large purchases of assets targeted to improve credit conditions in a particular market.
III.Quantitative Easing is useful when short-term interest rates are near zero.
IV.Quantitative Easing is useful to decrease the money supply substantially.

Best answer:

Answer by Anwar S
I. Not true. Depending on which industry quantitative easing would be targeting which is usually the financial industry, a small purchase in short-term securities would not be a target. A firm would usually go to the FED and take advantage of low rate loans from over reserved banks via the Federal Reserve Bank for such purchases.

II = True.

III. Not true. Think [Federal Funds Reserve] If short term interest rates are near zero, it is not advisable to inject a program of quantitative easing. The reason is that there would be a danger of falling into a liquidity trap, as the money would then be in “circulation”, spent not saved, gaining interest [due to the low interest rate]. something which has happened recently and the FED then begun “operation twist” to buy back bonds so as to manipulate the interest rate [to bring the interest rate higher, above zero]. [II] > would only happen if interest rates were higher say at around 3%, then one would have room to “play”.

IV. Does not really make sense to me? Quantitative easing is the injection of capital into an industry, for the promotion of growth within that industry, for the gain of the Keynes multiplier effect taking hold.

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BOSTITCH C8R90BDG Thickcoat 2-1/2-Inch by .090-Inch 15 Degree Ring Shank Coil Siding Nail (3,600 per Box)

BOSTITCH C8R90BDG Thickcoat 2-1/2-Inch by .090-Inch 15 Degree Ring Shank Coil Siding Nail (3,600 per Box)

BOSTITCH C8R90BDG Thickcoat 2-1/2-Inch by .090-Inch 15 Degree Ring Shank Coil Siding Nail (3,600 per Box)

  • 2 1/2″ x .090
  • Ring Shank
  • Thickcoat Galvanized Finish
  • 3600 Nails Per Box
  • For Use in the Bostitch N66C-1 Industrial Siding Nailer

CCS22081 Features: -12-Digit Commercial Calculator.-9”x12-1/2”x3”. Color/Finish: -2-Color Print.

List Price: $ 101.62

Price: $ 44.00

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