Are the 3,000 millionaires who claimed unemployment benefits in 2008 mostly Liberals? or Conservatives?

Question by I Want My Party Back: Are the 3,000 millionaires who claimed unemployment benefits in 2008 mostly Liberals? or Conservatives?
“After the economy slipped into recession in 2008, millions of Americans received unemployment benefits to make ends meet — including almost 3,000 millionaires.

According to U.S. Internal Revenue Service data, 2,840 households reporting at least $ 1 million in income on their tax returns that year also collected a total of $ 18.6 million in jobless aid. They included 806 taxpayers with incomes over $ 2 million and 17 with incomes in excess of $ 10 million. In all, multimillionaires reported receiving $ 5.2 million in jobless benefits…”

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Answer by Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated
Only conservatives are that hypocritcial.

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10 Responses to “Are the 3,000 millionaires who claimed unemployment benefits in 2008 mostly Liberals? or Conservatives?”

  • Hmmm:

    They are mostly people who know how to play the system. Rich people know how to do that.

  • Winter Glory:


    Any answer would only be speculation, unless those 3,000 millionaires have stated their political affiliation, there is no way of knowing the answer.
    Just sayin’..

  • George S:

    Sure. Like Social Security, they paid the premiums for it so they have a right to collect it. Anyone who isn’t a irrational socialist understands that (not all socialists are irrational but most seem to be).

  • Chief Inspector Clouseau:

    I think you will see the Republicans now introduce a bill to extend unemployment benefits for those with incomes over $ 1 million, they will of course do the American thing and continue to oppose them for everyone else.

  • Smartass:


  • FarmerBrown:

    They paid for unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is taken directly from your check, if you’ve paid into it then you have a right to collect it, regardless of your personal wealth.

    If the government doesn’t like it, they should make unemployment optional or exempt people from paying in who are seen as undeserving. As it stands you cannot force someone to pay for a service and then deny them because they have too much money.

    Your point is kind of silly.

  • Al Heavilin:

    Like it or not they are entitled to it.
    They are also entitled to Social Security

  • Uncle Benito:

    If their money went to pay the premiums, why on earth would they NOT wish to collect if their employment status changed? Unemployment is a form of insurance. Would you also expect an affluent person to pay for repairs to his car out of his own pocket if he was carrying full coverage before an accident?

    How exactly would one discover the political affiliation of someone on Unemployment? I wasn’t aware the forms carried a space for that information.

  • MR K:

    In case you did not know unemployment benefits are not restricted because of your previous household income. They are based on whether or not your job which got rid of you provided enough income to now qualify you for unemployment. Thats why they are called unemployment benefits. I think you are trying to stir up something that is not even an issue.

  • Dago:

    Most likely these TEA BAGGERS that only want the tax money for themselves!

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