About was developed to share the stories and experiences of those that are out of work in America.

The goal is to offer visitors with engaging, informative stories from unemployed Americans and make it possible for members to showcase themselves. These stories, and future site enhancements, will provide useful information and resources that will help you highlight your skills, find your next job, continue education, or receive the assistance that you need.

Almost forgot to mention, JoblessBloggers shares its revenue with its writers. The more you write and the more traffic that is generated the more you make.

Writers here may also be tapped to write on other sites that are part of the Mills Media Group. To request more information about becoming a JoblessBlogger please use the “Contact Us” form.

Let the voices be heard… Jobless Bloggers UNITE!
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  • Mary:

    is that real jobless bloggers to get paid ? how do I know if is there scam or legit ? Can you give me more details info facts about Jobless Bloggers to get paid and free surfing.

    Email me make sure no spam, no junk e-mail. Please write me in real person who you are.

    Thank you for your time