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NYMEX-US crude ends higher, posts gain for February – Reuters

NYMEX-US crude ends higher, posts gain for February
* US crude stocks rise more than forecast – EIA * ECB allocates liquidity to European banks * Coming up: US jobless claims data 8:30 am EST NEW YORK, Feb 29 (Reuters) – US crude futures rose after a boomerang session on Wednesday, rallying late in the

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Tomorrow's Tape: Jobless Claims, ISM And More Bernanke
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Steven Russolillo Personal Income: Expectations call for a 0.4% rise in January, from a 0.5% gain a month earlier. Consumer Spending: Projected up 0.4% in January from unchanged in December. ISM Manufacturing: Expected to rise to 54.9 this month

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Town hall meeting 4, jobs for ex-felons .flv

local staffing company putting ex-felons to work
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Homeowner vs Bank of America: No Deed No Debt

This homeowner simply wants proof that Bank of America is in possession of her original signed mortgage note before she begins making payments to them. Bank of America has not, will not or CANNOT provide that document. Everyone with a mortgage is entitled to see these documents. Don’t allow Bank of America to threaten you with foreclosure. DEMAND to see your note. The call begins with a B of A decree: “This call may be monitored”. The call ends when B of A claims: “We do not allow calls to be recorded on your end.”

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Goofy application websites? Are they real?

Question by Jessie: Goofy application websites? Are they real?
I am applying for jobs and keep getting responses to apply to websites such as the ones below. However none of the “application websites” require any type of resume or job background info! Are these a complete fake or what is going on here???



Best answer:

Answer by Engineer Tech
Yes it is good possibility that these could be spamming or phishing sites. As well as some of the answerer’s here may put websites in answers that maybe phishing or spam sites. If you want to use employment websites, it is best to apply directly to the company’s website that you applying to. Also you can do yahoo or google searches with the website name and the word scam and you will find other users with first hand experience. Do the research first and never give up personal information. This is nothing more than a company seeking free consumer contacts for their spam.

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I went to get my unemployment extension in Indiana and they said to wait for a letter, its a lottery?

Question by schmo927: I went to get my unemployment extension in Indiana and they said to wait for a letter, its a lottery?
The unemployment office said they don’t know who will recieve an extension that it is a lottery and you will get a letter if you receive it. Sounds like a croc to me, has anyone recieved their letter yet? Shouldn’t a person who’s worked all their life be first to get before someone who’s only worked for 6 months. How are they determining who gets it is this random or what?

Best answer:

Answer by Rashibe
Try getting another job as the benifits are not meant to last forever and you should feel ashamed to even ask for an extension. There are jobs out there if you are willing to work.

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www.VW-DIY.com: VW Pull Motor & Clutch Service

Bug Me Video Presents Volume 2: Pull Engine & Clutch Service This volume shows how to remove the engine from the vehicle, service the clutch, and reinstall the engine. Methodical guidance is provided at every stage and the DVD details the differences and variations you might come across which will enable you to work on your VW and get the job done right. The DVD starts by elevating the car and securing it onto axle stands. You may be surprised to see how little there is to removing an engine as each nut and bolt required to separate the engine from the vehicle is identified. With the engine removed we see several different ways to remove the flywheel and clutch assembly. There are a few different ways that the flywheel and clutch wear and you are shown how to assess which parts need replacing. Older VWs ran on 6 volts and people tend to want to modify them to 12 volts. All the changes needed to allow for this modification are covered in depth. When replacing a clutch it is recommended that the clutch release bearing is replaced at the same time. This is covered thoroughly as well as how to replace the arm that controls it along with the clutch cable. The gear box rests on transmission mounts on beetles and when these wear they can cause clutch and shifting problems. This volume covers how to replace these inexpensive mounts while the engine is out. The DVD ends with the engine being reinstalled into the vehicle. Visit us at www.VW-DIY.com to see more video clips and other

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Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

A General Education college elective GSSC1026 Psychology of Consumer Behaviour introduction video

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Aatrix announces expansion of services offered to Canadian customers in 2012

(PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Aatrix Software, Inc., a leading W-2 eFile provider announced their intentions to expand the services currently offered to Canadian businesses. These plans include offering plain paper printing and eFiling of provincial forms in addition to the nationwide forms currently available.

Aatrix supports all state and federal Payroll Reporting Forms in the US, including US territories. Aatrix provides plain paper printing, eFiling, and compliance services for State and Federal W2s, 1099s, Unemployment, New Hire, and Withholding Reports and payments currently available to more than 200,000 businesses as a fully integrated OEM product within their payroll software. Aatrix is currently partnered with more than two dozen payroll solutions.

Recent Sage survey reveals the need

The latest round of findings revealed that 53 per cent of respondents consider dealing with taxes as a significant area of business management, followed by managing sales and marketing (27%) and managing the finances of the business (26%). The survey found that those with smaller businesses are more concerned than larger businesses with income tax compliance (35% versus 10%).

The fact that more than half of the respondents view taxes as an area of weakness is understandable as regulations are complex and many Canadian small business owners have not been formally trained on tax codes, said Nancy Harris, vice president and general manager at Sage Simply Accounting. With all the changes in compliance rules and government regulations, such as the Employment Insurance (EI) and Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) payroll tax hikes for this year, seeking the assistance of a professional or using accounting software can help Canadian business owners not only save time, but also succeed in facing these new compliance challenges.

Other highlights of the Sage-Angus Reid small business survey include:

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Работа на иностранцев: тройные зарплаты и мошенники

Работа на иностранцев: тройные зарплаты и мошенники
К таковым относятся, в т. ч., www.elance.com, www.odesk.com, www.vworker.com, www.weblancer.net и www.free-lance.ru. Искать заказчика можно двумя путями. Первый — просматривая существующие вакансии и предлцожения. Второй — разместить свое резюме и/или …
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Bank of America refuses money for house payment – FEB 3 , 2012

Bank of America refuses money for house payment - FEB 3 , 2012

Feb 3 2012 Bank of America Lakeport, Ca. attempted to make a cash payment on our mortgage, the manager refused to take the cash saying it was against bank policy. I was shocked, had no idea this would happen, since when does a bank not accept cash… Right! When I protested, the manager called the Lakeport poilce dept. After being detained for about 1/2 hour and nearly arrested for shooting video inside the bank the cops decided to let me go. The BofA manager made a complaint against me and had the cops inform me that I am “no longer welcome inside the Lakeport branch of Bank of America.” Also that if I “ever attempted to enter the branch again I WILL be arrested!” So apparently Bank of America DOES NOT accept American cash dollars as a form of payment on mortgages in AMERICA! PROTEST & YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!

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