2012 Unemployment Extension is Now Available To Unemployed Americans at

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2011

Congress has approved US unemployment extension benefits for 2012. This unemployment extension will allow unemployed workers in the US a 99 week extension of unemployment compensation. Americans can now file for a full 99 week unemployment extension at

The unemployment extension was certainly much needed in numerous states with high unemployment rates, such as Ohio and Wisconsin unemployment.

The unemployment extension is no doubt a necessity, as the amount of jobless Americans is much worse than the unemployment rate displayed in the media. Contrary to popular belief, state unemployment rates do not represent the amount of jobless Americans – it simply represents the amount of Americans that are currently collecting unemployment.

Essentially, the more people that are unsuccessful at finding work after being laid off, the lower the state unemployment rate gets. Simply put – the less employed workers there are, the fewer people on unemployment. The percentage Americans who are jobless can be estimated at 22-27% – however, this number is almost impossible to determine.

The Ohio unemployment rate, has gone down in recent months although there are less individuals with jobs. Wisconsin unemployment numbers have followed similar suit, along with numerous states across the country.

Both Republicans and Democrats will finish their legislative work this upcoming week with the full details on the 2012 unemployment extension. One can file for the new unemployment extension & initial claims at

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